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Unique Handcrafted Earrings | Fishing Lure Beaded & Long Feather
See us at www.facebook.com/TommyESauls

See us at www.facebook.com/TommyESauls

Pink Lady earrings
Unique Handmade Jewelry  
Here at EarringsAlure we wish to appeal to those that love Unique Handmade Jewelry. We are proud to present our earrings handcrafted from Fish Lures for the spirited & young at heart. The beautiful unique earrings draw many compliments. Follow us at , www.facebook.com/TommyESauls,     http://www.pinterest.com/genescene/fish-lure-earrings

In Bonnie Bauble Beads you can find lovely matching earrings and watch band sets. Made from Swarovski Crystals, Brass Wire, Elegant Time pieces, And Easy working Clasp. Each set is carefully crafted to a fine balance between beauty and performance. 

In Nautical Jewelry we try to appeal to the adventuress with beautiful handcrafted jewelry made with ancient coins. Each coin is layered with 90% Pure Silver, highlighted with 24 k Gold or is hand cut and then carefully painted with 90% pure silver or highlighted with 24K gold. Each one is a piece of art.
In Bottled Up Jewelry you will find unique earrings and necklaces handmade from broken pieces of recycled glass from the rural farmlands of Pennsylvania. These broken pieces of glass are placed in small filigree teardrop and box shaped enclosures handmade of brass and layered with Silver or gold. Each piece comes with a story.

At Baits of the Future ---Today we know that not everyone is into Jewelry even though it is beautiful. We have set up a page for the fisherman or woman of the future. The bait is made with modern technology that places a strip of Mirror Image Foil Film that reflects light in all colors between tough clear plastic, shaped and colored as a common baitfish. Get your big fish today on the Super Flash bait. Send us your picture of your big fish for posting. 

Unique Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry

From Aquamarine Inspiration to Beautiful Dangling Earrings

If you are looking for jewelry that's unique and vibrant, colorful and eye catching, look no further. Here at Earrings Alure we look for inspiration in aquamarine waters of Florida's Gulf Coast who's waters catch the light of the sun and glitter like silent luminous fireworks display.

 All our earrings are handmade with top quality pieces like Czech, Swarovski, & Celestial beads and crystals. But where these drop earrings set themselves apart is with the inclusion of fishing lures & spinners which come together to make jewelry which is stunning & truly unique. And our selection of long feather earrings make a beautifual addition to any jewelry collection.  

 All earrings are available with stainless steel ear wires or as clip-ons and are handmade in the United States. We offer free shipping on all orders,and a free pair of earrings will be included in any order over $100. Customer service is always available if you have any questions, just email us at support@earringsalure.com or call 850-227-4315. Shop with confidence today!

You too can be a happy customer

You too can be a happy customer

Tommy - the earrings are beautiful!! Love the colors!! Be Blessed , Cathy
All the earrings are so pretty,it's hard to pick the ones I want, Madison
Cathy wrote: "You create beautiful earrings, Tommy!"
Amanda wrote;
My Uncle makes these "lure" earrings. Well made and fun!"

Ocean Floor Follies

Ocean Floor Follies

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Enjoy the Brilliant Colors of the Oceans with our Jewelry


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